Battlefield Scenario & Vignettes                               Featuring the Christmas Truce of 1914

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Students arriving on site move past a large crater where several Canadian soldiers are pinned down by rifle fire directed at them by German marksmen.


Further up the road a scene unfolds where a critically wounded soldier is being treated at a Russian aid station.

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French soldiers stop by to visit a modest cemetery in the pine woods.  This scene is based upon a story in the book Mr. Poilu: Notes and Sketches With the Fighting French by Herbert Ward.  The cemetery sketch featured in this book is faithfully recreated here.


One outstanding feature of our WWI programming is that of the Battlefield Scenario.

All students and teachers participate in this activity by crossing an obstacle-strewn battlefield to the accompaniment of realistic sound effects.

Soldiers of Great Britain and the Dominion of Canada, Germany, France, and Russia are represented on the battlefield.

The Christmas Truce of 1914

In certain areas on the Western Front a brief, unofficial, truce took place on Christmas eve and Christmas day 1914.  Open fraternization between opposing forces occurred involving non-confrontational meetings in No Man’s Land.  Hands were shaken and small gifts were exchanged.  Strains of Stille Nacht (Silent Night) wafted on the breeze.

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A British stretcher bearer and a German soldier meet face-to-face for the first time.

IMG 3896

More friendly greetings transpire in No Man’s Land.

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This event has been run on two consecutive nights in December at Simcoe County Museum (Barrie) for the past three years and has been very well received.  Site visitors arrive near our location by horse drawn wagons.  They are served hot chocolate around a campfire prior to taking a tour of a recreated WWI trench.  The trench features a FORWARD AID POST and many other details of interest.  Guests are then taken up onto a berm that sits overlooking No Man’s Land where the story unfolds.